From the House that Jack Built

Jack’s Weekly Lineup

ABV 5%

Bready malt aroma with a touch of noble hops. Clean, fresh malt flavour with hops in the background. Evenly balanced; soft, slightly bitter finish.

Jack's Golden Ale
ABV 5%

Crisp and clean golden ale with a slightly sweet, yet malty back bone, hops are subtle but present which yields a very drinkable and thirst quenching beer.

Boys To The Yard -Milkshake IPA
ABV 6.7% (lactose)

Hazy New England style IPA. Balanced bitterness and sweetness. Lots of citrus flavour and aroma and a smooth vanilla character. Hops include: Magnum, Amarillo, Citra, and Summit.

The Hefe Word - Hefeweizen
ABV 4.75%

Light graininess with milkshake texture; not much in the way of hops. Balance of banana/bubblegum and clove comes from the Weissbier yeast.

Kicka' Ginger - Ginger Beer
ABV 5.5%

Amber ale with a nice malt backbone. A very session-able beer with definitive ginger flavour, aroma, and bite.

Banded Goose-Uh - Gose
(pronounced goes-uh) ABV 4.73%

Aroma is of a light sourness, slightly sharp. Noticeable coriander, which is almost an aromatic lemony quality.

Cream Soda Ale
ABV 5.6 % (lactose)

Smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Rich vanilla flavour throughout and added milk sugars for residual sweetness. Reminiscent of a soda fountain classic.

Dark Side Of The Moon-Black IPA
ABV 7%

Slight roast character. Bitterness and aroma are of citrus, piney, floral and herbal character from the generous addition of hops in the boil.

Sex Panther -Sweet Porter
ABV 5.4% (lactose)

A substantial, malty dark beer with a complex and flavorful dark malt character. Dark malt aroma with a slightly burnt character. Moderately strong malt flavour with a lightly burnt malt character and some chocolate and coffee flavours. A bit of grainy, dark malt dryness in the finish is balanced with sweetness from the addition of lactose.